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Bleached CAMP Hoodies

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We can’t even begin to describe how amazing these new tri blend bleached hoodies! Bleached to perfection and customized to your camp - you won’t take this off!

These hoodies will be available in red, green, blue and grey as those bleach the best! Some colors do not bleach as well as others / so therefore we can only carry specific colors! 

We are so excited to bring these amazing hoodies to you! 

Each tee or hoody bleaches differently and therefore no two are alike.  We do our best to put out the best product and color combination available. Some of our darker tees require a longer bleach time and you may see some tiny holes develop because of that process (Black and Dark Grey).   We do our best but will not accept returns due to the bleach process that is out of our control. However we will never ship anything that we wouldn't wear ourselves!


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